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March 22, 2021

As the team here at Love Tiki sits here nursing sunburnt shoulders, it seems like summertime has well and truly arrived. With the warm weather ahead of us, why not take your dining outside and make the most of our lifestyle range.


The season for outdoor living is the perfect opportunity to invest in some durable enamelware. From festivals and camping trips to picnics at the beach; your summer adventures will benefit from these practical dining pieces.

Enamel Mugs

Our stylish enamel mugs are available in a range of col0urs, from the classic white and blue to a modern black enamel cup. These 36cl enamel cups are perfect for a tea or coffee out in the wilderness. We can also customise your enamel mugs so if you want a souvenir of a memorable camping trip or a personalised gift for the outdoor lover, get in touch.

enamel-mug-creamFalcon Enamel Mug Red 8cm 36clenamel-mug-black-with-white-rim

Enamel Plates and Bowls

There’ll be no more stocking up on paper plates when you have this iconic, stylish enamel dinnerware on standby. And even the clumsiest of kids can’t smash these plates and bowls, although they might make a frisby out of them.

Enamel Wide Rim Plate White Blue Rim 24cm

Falcon Enamel Billy Can

Our retro Falcon Enamel Tea Can will provide a refreshing, morning cuppa after a night in the tent. Falcon’s iconic Enamelware range is double-coated meaning it will withstand many summer outings without breaking. Whether you’re in a luxury yurt or a muddy field at Glasto, Billy will keep the tea coming.

Falcon Enamel Classic Tea Can:Billy Can White 900mlFalcon Enamel Classic Tea Can:Billy Can White 900ml_1

Kitchencraft Cast Iron Enameled Fondue Kit

Campfire cooking doesn’t have to be roughing it up with a mess tin and eating charred meat. Add this stylish fondue kit to your camping gear and bring some culinary luxury to your campsite. The Kitchen Craft Cast Iron Enameled Fondue Kit can be used for chocolate, cheese or meat.


Copper Glasses

No need to drink cocktails out of a plastic cup this summer. These copper glasses will weather more than just one picnic. They’re not only sturdy but offer the elegance of a wine bar while experiencing the great outdoors.

Our 50cl Copper Tumbler can quench any thirst while the 30cl Margarita glass will provide a luxurious touch to your picnic and can even be used to serve up dessert. Meanwhile this 40cl Hammered Copper Mug is perfect for an Arbikie Moscow Mule in the mountains. Get some inspiration on what to put in these from our friends at Daffy’s Gin.



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