Mar 22, 2021Clare Bridson

It can be a little overwhelming getting started on your own cocktail journey. There are so many possible combinations and a limit to how many of them you can actually drink. However, experimenting is the best way to get some real fun out of your cocktail shaker, so branch away from your safe martini recipe and create the next classic.

The selection of Cocktail Syrups in particular is vast, so here at Love Tiki we thought we’d give you a smaller selection of our favourites and bestsellers from the Monin range.

The Must Haves

A few classics to have covered are:

Monin Mojito Mint Syrup 70cl


Because what is a mojito without mint.

Monin Strawberry Syrup 70cl


Strawberry is a flexible flavour to suit all taste buds.

Monin Coconut Syrup 70cl


An alternative to the sweetness of the fruit syrups and an essential for any Piña Colada.

Monin Passion Fruit Syrup 70cl


Bring a taste of the tropics to your cocktails.

Monin Cherry Syrup 70cl


The original cocktail fruit is a reliable addition to any cocktail cabinet.

Monin Caramel Syrup 70cl



A smooth and sweet accompaniment to many spirits, this is a real staple for the kitchen cupboard. If you’re really hooked on Monin Caramel Syrup you can put it in your coffee too.


Add a little cheer to your beer…

While it’s a lesser known use for cocktail syrups in the UK, the continent has long been experimenting with adding a little pazzazz to its beer. A common drink in Northern France is the bière pèche aka lager with a dash of Peach Syrup. Other popular flavours include the classic Grenadine or Strawberry syrups but perhaps you know better, let us know.

Monin White Peach Syrup 70cl


Monin Grenadine Syrup 70cl


If you want to make further use of your Monin investment, try adding them to coke or lemonade for a non-alcoholic variation on the bière pèche.

A hint, a twist or a dash

Whatever you want to call it, a subtle note of an unusual flavour can change an average cocktail into a legendary one. After all, the infamous Manhattan is completed by a subtle dash of Angostura bitters and complemented by a simple Maraschino Cherry. Meanwhile, the best cocktail recipe I have ever come up with featured toasted rosemary as a discreet yet star flavour. Here are a few suggestions to get you experimenting:

Monin Lavender Syrup 70cl


Add a little aromatherapy to your vodka martini with this Monin Lavender syrup.

Monin Basil Syrup 70cl


Try adding this most royal of herbs to your own Daffy’s Gin creation.

Monin Tarragon Syrup 70cl

For a break in the bourbon add some tarragon.

Monin Lemongrass Syrup 70cl


Give a thai twist to your mojito with this Lemongrass Monin Syrup.


Don’t worry you’ve got a lifetime to try all these flavours out and if you still don’t know where to start then give the Monin Cocktail Set a go. It contains 5 of the base cocktail syrups in 50ml bottles; Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Coconut, Mojito Mint and Blue Caracao.

Monin Cocktail Set in Presentation Box

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