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Halloween - Love Tiki Style!

October 03, 2022

Halloween is coming and we're are all in need of some fun.

Scary parties, dressing up, dooking, trick or treating and themed cocktails are all top of our list.

To help get you ready, here are some of the essential glassware, drink flavourings, tiki mugs and fun items you'll need for this month.

Skull Jar 17.5oz

Great for the sweets for your trick or treaters or to fill with eyeballs or spiders!

skull jar

Ceramic Toscano Kanaloa Tiki Mug 450ml

We can't think of better glassware for your halloween cocktails and drinks.

toscana tiki mug



Copper Plated Skull Strainer

The skill in the centre of this strainer makes it ideal for this time of year.

Copper Skull Strainer



Ceramic Skull Tiki Mug

We're loving this one for hot chocolates and kids drinks.

Ceramic Skull Mug


Ivory Non-Drip Tapered Candles - 100 Pack

These candles with see you right though Autumn, Halloween and Winter. 

non drip candles

Maxi Tealights 10hr 60mm Case (6 x 40pk) 

Who doesn't love a tea light and these will work great in your Halloween lanterns.

maxi tea lights

Black Paper Straw 8" 250 Pack

Spooky drinks require spooky looking straws.  

Black 8" straws


Monin Green Apple Syrup 70cl

This Monin syrup is great for colouring kids halloween drinks or making a green apple martini.

monin green apple syrup


Monin Blood Orange Syrup 70cl

We love this Monin favour.  It's great for making a Blood Orange Paloma. Simply add tequila, fresh lime juice, club soda and grapefruit juice.


monin blood orange syrup 


Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup 70cl

This is one of the best selling syrups in the Monin range which captures the  Autumn perfectly with sweet pumpkin expertly blended with cloves and cinnamon.

monin pumpkin syrup

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