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March 22, 2021


We LOVE a good Tiki party here at Love Tiki! We have everything you need to throw your very own totally tiki party! From tiki mugs, tiki cocktail glasses and tiki glasses we have it all!

Tiki mugs are large ceramic cocktail mugs which originated in tiki bars and tropical themed restaurants. The term “Tiki mugs” is a generic, blanket term for sculptural drinkware that depict Polynesian, mock-Polynesian, or tropical themes. Tiki mugs are not commonly seen outside tiki bars and restaurants, but are also a kitsch collectors item

Coconut Tiki Mug

Impress your guests with this expertly crafted and fun Coconut Tiki Mug, ideal for Pina Coladas.

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Ceramic Tiki Shot Glasses

Add some fun with a shot of colour with these gorgeous Tiki shot glasses, a must have for all tiki bars and parties. Available in a range of totally tropical colours, blue, yellow, green and brown, purchase in our party pack of 4 or in sets of two.

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Mexican Cactus Tiki Mug 14oz

Impress your guests with this expertly crafted and fun Mexican Cactus Tiki Mug, ideal for all cocktails. This 14 US fl.oz ceramic mug is character shape designed  with a hand painted glaze effect to protect against chips & dents. Ideal for commercial bars or home made cocktail parties in the surrounds of your own home.

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Squashed Tin Can Mug

Add a splash of colour with a Squashed Tin Can Mug with a bright colourful glaze. A unique and contemporary crumpled tin can design with a handy and practical handle. The handle also makes serving hot or cold drinks in this mug an absolute doddle!

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Parrot Hawaiian Tiki Mug

Vacation in a tropical place without setting foot on a plane! With the Tiki Parrot Mug, you can sip in style from the comfort of home. These mugs are handmade, making each piece unique. Subtle imperfections and differences in color or glaze may occur.

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