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14" Kraft Plain Pizza Boxes - 100 Pack

14" Kraft Plain Pizza Boxes - 100 Pack

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Compostable Plain 14" Pizza Boxes

Enjoy a slice of deliciousness and order up some pizza in style with our 14" Kraft Plain Pizza Boxes - 100 Pack. Perfect for pizza parties or when you just need to satisfy your cravings, these conveniently sized boxes will have you eating like a pro in no time! So what are you waiting for? Get them while they're hot!

Treat your pizza like royalty with these 14" Kraft Plain Pizza Boxes! Perfect for pizzerias and takeaways, this 100-pack of compostable boxes is just the right size for a royal feast. With their plain exterior, these Kraft boxes are the perfect way to make your pizza royalty-worthy!

- Perfect for pizzerias and takeaways

- Size : 14" 

- Simple push and tuck instruction

- Plain and unpatterned

- 100 pack

- Compostable

- Sustainably sourced paper

- Commercially compostable




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