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GreasePak MSGD5 Dosing Fluid x 12 - 1 Years Supply

GreasePak MSGD5 Dosing Fluid x 12 - 1 Years Supply

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GreasePak MSGD5 Dosing Fluid x 12 - 1 Years Supply

The GreasePak Dosing Fluid is a strong yet environmentally-friendly bio-enzymatic fluid which is designed to degrade FOGs (Fats, Oil and Grease) via connection to the GreasePack dosing module (CC578).

The 5 litre fluid bags will last for one month of continuous use. They can be safely and conveniently replaced without any technical requirements and are suited to both commercial and home use due to their simple maintenance. The fluid works by a process of bio-degradation, helping to keep our environment clean and healthy whist saving cost.

These GreasePak Bio Fluid refills are for use in conjunction with the GreasePak Battery Operated Dosing Module.

1 Years Supply Product features

  • Capacity 5Ltr
  • 12 Month Supply
  • Helps to keep drains clear
  • Effective on fat, oil and grease
  • Each 5Ltr fluid box is approximately one months supply
  • Minimises rodent and insect infestations
  • Environmentally friendly and safe to use
  • Biological solution actively eats organic material
  • Automatic daily dosage
  • Due to the high cost of carriage and handling a restocking fee of up to 25% is applied to this product if returned
  • Box Quantity: 3 x 5Ltr
GreasePak MSGD5 Dosing Fluid 3 Pack Information Sheet
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