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Straight Gun Metal Mug 48cl/16.9oz - Pack 1

Straight Gun Metal Mug 48cl/16.9oz - Pack 1

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Straight Gun Metal Mug 50cl/17.5oz 

Mix up your drinks presentation with this Gun Metal Black Cocktail Mug. Perfect for serving Moscow Mules, Mint Juleps and a variety of other beverages.

With an on trend shape and gun metal black finish, this cocktail cup is perfectly suited to busy commercial settings such as clubs and cocktail bars.

The Genware Professional Barware collection has been developed through consultation with London's finest bar specialists and Mixologists with a vision to create a leading range of professional barware for the modern age. Through a measured design process and the expertise of renowned bar specialists, the Genware barware collection brings together a concise range of essential kit which perfectly combines stunning appearance, practical craftsmanship and competitive pricing.

Product Features
Cocktail serving mug
Material: Stainless steel
On trend gun metal black finish
Durable PVD gun metal black coating
Hand wash only
Ideal for serving classic Moscow Mules
Perfect for creative drinks service
Suitable for commercial use

Height: 90mm
Diameter: 90mm
Weight: 184g
Width: 130mm
Volume: 500ml 

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